An Immersive Internship

Sarah Kinsey
Biology and Environmental Science

Choosing her major—or double majors—went swimmingly for Sarah Kinsey ‘22, who had always enjoyed science and knew she wanted to work with animals in some aspect. At Stevenson, exploring different elective classes led Sarah to what would become her passion: wildlife conservation.

Sarah spent her senior-year internship as a Marine Mammal Intern at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, learning all aspects of caring for and training a colony of six Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in their facility.

“By the end of my internship, I was able to participate in training sessions and aide in important husbandry behaviors. I also conducted a behavioral research project on building the dolphins resiliency and problem-solving skills in order to prepare them for their future home at an outdoor sanctuary,” Sarah says.

Among her exceptional experiences outside the classroom was a study abroad trip to the Galápagos Islands and Quito, Ecuador. There, she was able to experience a variety of ecosystems and different species—her highlight having been snorkeling with sea lions and sea turtles.

Back on Stevenson’s campus, Sarah also conducted an independent research project alongside School of the Sciences faculty, where she studied the conservation efforts of the Eastern Bluebird using an online database to determine the effectiveness and longevity of these efforts.

Ultimately, Sarah appreciates the small student-to-faculty ratio and dedicated professors that gave her the resources she needed to pursue her passion. “The personal relationships I have built with faculty and other students in my major is an opportunity I don’t think I would have gained at another school,” she says.

For Sarah, an experience became an opportunity, and she’s ready to dive into life after SU: “ý gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue my passion and go into a career field that I love. After I graduate, I hope to apply the skills and knowledge that I have learned at Stevenson and become a marine mammal trainer and inspire and educate others on conservation of these incredible creatures.”

"ý gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue my passion and go into a career field that I love."
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